Wild Caucasian Rosehip

The wild rosehip’s products are strictly embedded into the Azerbaijan rural population of the Caucasian mountains since ever. The traditional knowledge connected to these preparations has been passed along over generation, preserving these nutritious sources of food from the extinction. Due to this characteristic, the products were never marketed but mainly used for families owns consumption. Nowadays, due to depopulation of the mountain areas and lack of youth, the knowledge connected with this wild species is at high risk of disappearing. The Slow Food Presidium has been created with the specific aim of safeguarding this knowledge, involving new people especially young from the community both in harvesting and in the production process.
The Presidium will work on one side to better the visibility and communication of the products, and on the other side to on the marking strategy, in order to reach new selling channels than the ones at a very local level. The main pillar of the production protocol signed by producers establishes the full adherence to the traditional production techniques of harvesting and processing.