Slow Food Youth Network In Azerbaijan gathered to celebrate 30 Year Anniversary of the historic signing of Slow Food Manifesto- Our Food, Our Planet, Our Future

At a public event organized by the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) of Azerbaijan on December 8th, nature-lovers in the country convened in the “From Village to City” store at the heart of the capital city and shopped in order to support local farmer brands, spoke about Biodiversity extinction, Presidia, Ark-of-Taste, Chef’s Alliance components of EU Funded COVCHEG Project implemented by Slow Food also discussed trending environmental issues and planned prevention activities. Group was handed out explanatory pamphlets and brochures on the subject matter.

Each above-mentioned mission serves to safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties, sustain quality production at risk of extinction and recover traditional processing methods in the long run.

The event proceeded with the discussion of the steps SFYN plans to take in the near future to meet its monthly eco-goals. Those included paper recycling in office workplaces across the city, awareness campaigns in local schools and colleges and much more. Later into the afternoon, SFYN members went on to shop eco-friendly products on sale at the “From Village to City” store. “From Farm to City” is a project of Agro Procurement and Supply Company to support farmers with marketing of their products.

All in all, the multi-faceted occasion not only rallied young environmentalists under the motto “good, clean, and fair” but also instilled into them theoretical and practical knowledge about the Slow Food mission and provided ground for much-needed debate over the feasibility of future steps. Nicat Quliyev a member of SFYN gave a speech about healthy nutrition and tips.