Slow Food Cooks` Alliance Azerbaijan

An initiative, that was started by chefs from over 150 countries to promote good, clean, and fair food and support agricultural heroes has spread to Azerbaijan.

Enthusiastic chefs from the land of the fire showed their interest in forming the Cooks` Alliance community in Azerbaijan. After the launch of the COVCHEG project which is funded by European Delegation to Union chefs decided to turn their individual concern into a teamwork and gathered with others to form an Alliance. The initiative was appreciated and supported by the Azerbaijan Tourism Board and Azerbaijan Culinary Specialists Association (ACSA) which represented and promoted the gastronomy of Azerbaijan in global arenas.

“Slow Food concept is spreading in Azerbaijan. It should be noted that cooks play a significant role in communication of current food philosophy. For this reason, Slow Food is launching Cooks` Alliance in Azerbaijan with together with leading local culinary specialists. Chefs that are members of alliance are volunteers who purchase and include Slow Food products in their menus and communicate about them in order to spread the philosophy. Unique biodiversity elements that was found during research in regions will be prepared and served by these chefs accordingly. – Sakina Asgarova Industry Associations Manager at Azerbaijan Tourism Board.

What is Cooks` Alliance?

Cooks` Alliance is a group of chefs who support local farmers and “good, clean and fair” philosophy in order to prevent the extinction of biodiversity and gastronomic as well as cultural heritages linked to them.

Why Cooks` Alliance is important?

Alliance promotes farmers by giving value to their products, spreading their stories and family traditions which is a significant motivational and financial support for local farmers – also known as heroes of food value chain.

Cooks` Alliance Azerbaijan was going to launch on March 9th, however due to COVID-19 anti-pandemics protocol, the event has postponed. However, even in this rough period, gastronomic heroes supported the community. Orkhan Mukhtarov a member of the alliance, and chairman of ACSA together with his team worked hard to feed doctors and social workers who fought the COVID-19 pandemic threat. Another member of alliance Firdovsi Ismailov who is also a chef of Yaban Restaurant promoted the Ark of Taste products on national television by mentioning the importance of biodiversity in gastronomy.

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