Slow food mapping


Rediscover your territory Rediscover and recognize the importance of the cultural identity that food expresses and promote the idea of “virtuous globalization” which associates Eco-Gastronomy with responsible consumption and with the safeguarding of the biodiversity of foods, communities, and the contexts in which they are produced. In this way, food goes beyond representing mere nourishment, and assumes a symbolic and political value in the development of the cultural identity of an area, which can become even more profound in times of great social and economic change.

Gastronomy, recognized as part of the local heritage, becomes the driving force for sustainability, development and the promotion of economies, which are molded and adapted to the communities and to the production sites.

The first step on this path is identification of the precious local gastronomic treasures through the mapping of products (raw materials, animal breeds, processed products, traditional techniques, recipes) present in the territory.

The starting point is represented by the desire to highlight, in agreement with the actors and those in charge of rural development at local level, the existence of an agricultural and food heritage, to use it as an incentive for local development strategies.


The Project implemented by the Slow Food in partnership with APPU and NARMA

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