Kura River lamprey

Kura River lamprey is only fished seasonally, in the last periods of winter. It is mainly fished in the lower part of the Kura River which crosses Azerbaijan from north to south-east before reaching the Caspian Sea near the city of Neftchala.

Historically, the main source of sustenance for the local populations was fish. The high salinity and low fertility of the soil have in fact made it difficult for agriculture to develop in this region, whereas later on the abundant water resources allowed for the breeding of livestock.

For local populations it represents a key part of their identity. There was even a great celebration that brought different families together called the “festival of the snake”.

It is most often cooked roasted or cooked in the form of kebabs. After being cooked, an acidic dressing is added such as lemon juice or an acidic sauce.

This fish can be found in local markets but the introduction of unsustainable fishing methods and an increase in population have greatly affected the fish stocks. The decrease in the number of these fish has led to a significant change in the equilibrium and ecosystem of the river.