Firdovsi Ismayilov

Firdovsi Ismayilov was born in 1968 in Lankaran, the place that plays an important role in the traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan. His love for culinary began in his childhood years. While he was learning secrets of cooking from his masters, Firdovsi was encouraged by Chef Shahhuseyn to move to the capital city – Baku, to enhance his practical experience. Later, this journey took him to Russia where he did his best to promote Azerbaijani cuisine.

In 2006, he successfully participated in Caucasian cooking contest, held in Novosibirsk. These professional accomplishments and expertise helped him get a job in several prestigious restaurants in Baku such as Sham, Meridian, Bah-bah, Nargiz, Odyssey and his latest destination, Yaban Restaurant. Firdovsi Ismayilov joined Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance Azerbaijan in 2020.