Earth Markets

An Earth Market is not just a place to buy and sell food. It is an international network of markets that work in accordance with the principles of Slow Food, built around Slow Food’s multidisciplinary idea of food: not only a source of nourishment, but our history and identity, our culture and health, our land and our future.

The protagonists are small producers and food craftsmen. They sell only what they produce and can personally guarantee the quality of their products.

On the stalls of the Earth Market there is good, clean and fair food: the products are local, fresh and seasonal; they respect the environment and the work of the producers; they are offered at fair prices, for those who buy and for those who sell.

Earth Markets are places to buy high quality products, but also spaces to build communities, create exchange and education.

Today, Earth Markets are located in over 28 countries and are an expression of the places and people coming from the most diverse cultures. They have different forms (from the large city market to the small local market, from permanent to itinerant forms) but share a common vision.

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