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Thousands of varieties of fruits, animal breeds, types of cheese and meat products are disappearing along with the unique knowledge about their production. They are part of the world`s biodiversity heritage and must be preserved.
Slow Food collects foods that are in the rate of extinction from around the world in the Ark of Taste online catalog.
Help us preserve this heritage - offer the product in the Ark of Taste!
Applicable products should be:
- Interesting from the gastronomic point of view and may include: domestic species (native plant varieties, ecotypes, breeds, and populations), wild species (only if associated with traditional harvesting, processing, and customs) and processed products.
- Of high sensory quality. Quality is defined by local customs and traditions.
- Linked to a local area, memory, the identity of a community and local traditional skills.
- Produced in limited quantities.
- At-risk as it is the result of supply chains or fragile environmental contexts that might be compromised by social, environmental and economic factors.
The criteria take account of diverse local realities and respect the social, geographical, economic and political differences of the communities that preserve them.

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