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Slow Food – Project Coordinator
Within the framework of the project and through its headquarters based in Italy, in collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity (the organization through which Slow Food carries out its activities protecting biodiversity), Slow Food is responsible for the transfer of know-how, skills, methods, and models, ensuring that all the necessary adaptations to the context of the target region will be planned, implemented, and available for multiplication.

Piazza XX Settembre, 5, 12042, Bra (CN) Italy
Ph.: +39 0172 419 611
Fax: +39 0172 419 755
Contact person: Anna Kanshieva, Asia & Europe Coordinator


Animal Protection Public Union
Within the framework of the project, APPU is responsible for the implementation of the market-driven initiative in the target region and, in collaboration with the National Association of Rural Municipalities of Azerbaijan, the organization of local and national events.

Khazar district, Shuvalan, h. 376, Baku, Azerbaijan.
Ph.: +99450 3125089
Fax: +99450 3125089;
Contact person: Azer Garayev, chairman of APPU


The National Association of Rural Municipalities of Azerbaijan
The main role of NARMA is to ensure the maximum level of collaboration and engagement of rural municipalities in project activities as well as the dissemination of the project models and tools to local rural municipalities, promoting their scaling out in other rural regions.

Dilara Aliyeva 251 A. Baku, Azerbaijab
Ph.: +99412 4996348
Fax: +99412 4996348
Contact person: Ali Mehdiyev, chairman of NARMA


Associated PARTNERS

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

B Aghayev str. 100 (A) Baku, Azerbaijan
Ph.: +99412 5380481
Fax: +99412 5388508


Ministry of Agreculture

Uzeyir Hajibayli str. 80 Baku, Azerbaijan
Ph.: +99412 4980844
Fax: +99412 4986449


Ministry of Education

49 Khatai Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ph.: +99412 5991155
Fax: +99412 4960647




State Tourism Agency

96E Nizami str, Landmark I Baku, Azerbaijan
Ph.: +99412 4928713




PASHA-Travel Agency

151 Port Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan
Ph.: +99412 4041090
Fax: +99412 4041091



The Project implemented by the Slow Food in partnership with APPU and NARMA

The Project is funded by the European Union

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