Slow food communities


The challenges linked to the food system are increasingly urgent and complex. We need to identify new ways of bringing people together, simpler and more streamlined, that will make it possible to intercept everyone who is interpreting the good, clean and fair philosophy in their own way.

The Slow Food communities are one response to these challenges.

This new organizational model is open, inclusive and rooted in local areas but with internationally shared objectives such as combatting waste, overcoming inequalities, protecting biodiversity and fighting climate change, to name just a few.

Made up of a group of people who share and promote the values of the international Slow Food movement (as summed up in the Declaration of Chengdu), a community is based first and foremost on the assumption that everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food and that Slow Food will not give up the fight until every last person on this planet has access to it.

A community is started with a founding declaration, in which the members state:
- their adhesion to the ideals of Slow Food and the principles of the Chengdu Declaration;
- the commitment and the objective that the community has set itself in order to promote the shared vision in their own local area and context;
- the activities, initiatives and projects that it is planning to carry out to realize its objective;
- the contribution that the community will make to supporting the international network’s strategic projects (Presidia, Ark of Taste campaigns);


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