Baku Zinjilfaraj

Zinjilfaraj (anjirfaraj) is a traditional Baku dessert made with figs grown in the Absheron region. These figs are famous for their excellent quality.

The figs used in this recipe are collected in July and August. They are boiled for 4.5 hours. After they have cooled down, their flesh is detached from the peel and they are boiled again to increase how concentrated the mixture is and to reduce the water content. Flour is then added slowly, little by little, in order to make the mixture even more compact. Star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon and doshab (white mulberry syrup) are added to the figs and mixed in for a while. This mixture is then left to cool. A very thin layer is formed which is then cut into diamonds or squares. The pieces are placed in containers and dried in the sun for 2 to 3 days. The pieces must be turned often, so that they dry perfectly on both sides.

This sweet that is made from figs is believed to stimulate the immune system, strengthen the body, aid the vascular system and stimulate the immune system.

Zinjilfaraj is mainly prepared by the older generations who used to use the large amount of figs that were produced in the Absheron region. The best areas for growing were relatively flat, protected from the wind and well ventilated. If the ground was on an incline of more than 20 percent, terraces were built to plant the fruit trees. Fig trees are planted in fall and spring.