Ata-Baba Hazelnut

Azerbaijani hazelnuts appeared on the world market in the 1930s, when a full-fledged nut-processing factory was built in Zagatala (next to Gabala and Gakh districts). As Azerbaijan began to consolidate as one of the most important producing countries in the world, local varieties began to lose commercial importance, except for a very local basis, often not adequately remunerated. Small-scale producers have thus lost part of their sovereignty on the autochthonous production and end up delivering the product to local traders who create mass production for the processing industry and export. The Presidium aims at supporting small-scales producers who are still cultivated the ancient variety, helping their product to get the remuneration they deserve. The Presidium works to make the producers able to directly process the fruits, in order to access the market with final products. Moreover, Presidium producers’ have agreed on strict cultural practices by signing a production protocol that establishes the ban of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemicals.